Selena Gomez talks Taylor Swift, Spring Breakers and the Billboard Awards on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 breakfast show

It's not often that Selena Gomez graces the UK with her arm-wafty, carefully-choreographed presence - so when she does it's a pretty big deal. And guess what? The 'Come & Get It' star's just touched down in London town for an appearance on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show. Yay for two of our all time faves within the constraints of a rather cosy studio.

Yep - Selena's literally just had a chinwag with The Quiffed One about everything from Taylor Swift to Spring Breakers, and it all made for quite exciting listening.

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Despite having a cough (poor thing) and going on about it quite a bit, Selena chatted to Grimmy about her love of A$AP Rocky, Spring Breakers CONTROVERSY and her celeb BFFL Taylor Swift. No awkward mention of the fact that Nick's Harry Styles' best mate, but whatever.

Here's what we can take from the whole thing:

1) Selena thinks the paparazzi are 'jerks'. Well at least that's one thing she shares in common with El Biebo, eh?

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2) Her fave fan gifts are scrapbooks, 'cause despite being partial to the odd Instagram selfie or 12 she's apparently 'not very good at taking photos'.

3) She reckons best friend Taylor Swift's an 'amazing person' and everyone should listen to her songs when they're going through a break-up. No mention of those songs T-Swizz was supposedly helping her write, though.

4) The UK is Selena's 'favourite place to visit overseas,' mostly for the 'bomb food'. Which we think means good.

5) Spring Breakers is apparently her favourite thing she's ever done in her career (BETTER THAN 'LOVE YOU LIKE A LOVE SONG'?). She told Grimmy: "acting's always been my priority and I was aching for something that would be creative. It started some controversy but at the end of the day I'm playing a character - it's not really me".

6) She stole a Chap Stick when she was a kid.

And that's basically what happened. What do you reckon? Excited Selena's in the UK? Gonna go to her London shows later this year? Comments please.

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