Max George: 'The Wanted challenge One Direction to a boxing match'

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If you cast your mind back to the time when dinosaurs and unicorns roamed the earth, you might remeber that The Wanted and One Direction used to be quite pally. Unfortunately those days seem to be long gone and after an ongoing Twitter based spat, The Wanted's Max George has moved on from making comments about Louis Tomlinson's sexuality to challenge the entire band to a boxing match instead.

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With Max George making jokey comments about Luigi already this week, he's gone and got even more involved and apparently offered to fight the 1D lads. He's not just cruising for a bruising though and this idea seems to be mainly because he reckons it would make really good telly.

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Asked about the 1D spat by the New York Daily news, Max said: "We would like a boxing match - them against us.

"It would be brilliant for TV and I have no problem with it at all."

Well we've never had a problem with boys wanting to get topless and prance about in nothing but a pair of silky shorts, but frankly we'd much rather it involved them rubbing sun lotion into each other's backs and spooning that punching each other about, thanks very much.

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To be honest, we're starting to think all this spat business is all mouth and no trousers. There was talk of fisticuffs when both bands played in New York before Christmas so we're just going to stay positive and hope they end up holding hands and swaying around a campfire before too long. SIGH.

What do you think about the spat - do you think it's time everyone involved got over it or are you agog as to what happens next?

Comments below, but maybe check out Nathan considering what it would be like if The Wanted married members of 1D below...


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