Rochelle and Marvin Humes show off baby Alaia-Mai - Pics

When we caught up with The Saturdays at Capital's Summertime Ball over the weekend, a certain Mrs. Rochelle Humes was missing. Why? 'Cause she was at home looking after little baby Alaia-Mai, of course. And while Marvin assured us mummy and daughter were doing fine, we've been DYING to see the babba.

Well THE WAIT IS OVER and the pair have plonked *the* cutest pic of Mini Marvelle on the interweb. YAY.

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Marvin Humes Rochelle Humes

Image: Twitter

Now we've been watching the Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift duet from weekend all day, so we were already feeling a bit soppy - but this has well and truly pushed us over the edge. UGH, exactly what is it about a hot man holding a baby that does this to us?

And is it totally ridiculous to have MAJOR STYLE ENVY of a child a matter of weeks old? Loving the dress, babes. Very Jade Thirlwall.

What do you reckon? Cutest thing you've ever seen? Already waiting for Alaia-Mai to start a new girlband with Una's little 'un Aoife Bell and Frankie's fetus? Comments please.

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