Zayn Malik's tattoo artist on his Perrie Edwards tattoo: "He wanted something that reminded him of her" - Exclusive

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Earlier today the world actually almost imploded when pictures emerged of One Direction's resident bad boy Zayn Malik sporting a new tattoo with a striking resemblance to a certain Miss Perrie Edwards. Yup - Zayn's only gone and added *another* inking to the 1D tattoo club - and with all this talk of him potentially having his Little Mix girlfriend etched onto his bulging bicep forever, we obviously needed to get all the goss.

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So what did we do? We got our serious investigative journalism faces on and called none other than Zayn's actual tattooist - John James Garancheski III (really) from Tattooed Heart Studios in Maryland - to find out exactly what the bloody deal is. And here's what happened.

Perrie Zayn

Oh hey, John James. First off - did Zayn come in with a design in mind?

Yeah, they all [Zayn, Louis and Liam] had an idea of what they wanted and we took it and drew them up for them.

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So talk us through Zayn's design, then...

He wanted to do like a punk a comic character. Like a girl that was kind of comic'd-up and had a little bit of a punk rock look to her. So we took a couple of images and put them together. He did a little sketch on a piece of paper for me. He was like 'I'm kinda thinking something like that.' I was like 'Well, let me work on it. Let me see if I can make it something that we're both really excited about.' 'Cause it was really short notice and I wanted to do the best job I could if I was gonna tattoo him.

Of course, this is Zayn Malik's body we're talking about here. Did he tell you what the meaning was behind the whole punk rock character thing?

Well the image was based off of his girlfriend...

Yeah, Perrie from Little Mix. Have you heard of them?

I hadn't, but yeah. He showed me a picture of her and I was like 'That's a cute girl.' So the design came from that. He was like 'Yeah, that's my girlfriend,' and I was like 'Ah, that's cool.' As I was tattooing him we talked a lot about that.

What were you guys chatting about?

He talked about how great their relationship is and how he wanted to get an image of her. You know - not an exact picture but something that reminded him of her and I thought that was really cool, really sweet.

John James Zayn Malik

You got it spot on, Johnny Boy. Perrie's all about the whole rock chick, hippie thing...

Yeah, as I was drawing it he was like 'Yes, dude - it's's perfect.' It was cool because obviously I don't know her yet I was still able to bring that energy. And when all the guys from the band looked at it they were like 'Dude, it's perfect.'

Agh. So they all the boys loved it, then?

Yeah, they did. They were really great guys. We had a great time hanging out with them.

Did Perrie know Zayn was gonna get it done?

I'm not sure if she knows. She knew that he was getting a tattoo but I'm not sure she knew exactly what he was getting...

Ooh. Maybe it's a surprise then?

Yeah...I hope I'm not letting too much out of the bag, haha.

Never, John James. Cheers.

So there you have it - all the deets on Zayn's new ACTUAL PERRIE TATTOO. Oh, and apparently the whole process took about three hours, with the Bradford Bad Boi showing John a picture, who then "pulled up a couple of photos of different clothing and designs to pull into it." Well.

Agh, we can't handle all these Zerrie feels. What do you think of the whole thing? Comments after this vid, please.


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