Cher Lloyd talks tattoos: 'People said nobody would employ me, but I still got one'

If Ed Sheeran, One Direction and Justin Bieber are anything to go by, it seems like you have to have at least 13 random doodles permanently inked onto your body to be admitted into popstar club at the minute. But despite having a load of tattoos herself, Cher Lloyd doesn't reckon that getting one is something to rush into and instead is pretty careful to make sure each of her inkings really mean something before she takes the plunge.

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Cher Lloyd tattoos

Despite having more tatts than you can shake a hypodermic needle at, Cher does still remember getting her first inking done - despite the fact that a lot of people weren't sure it was the best idea.

“I was probably the first person in my year to get one," Cher told Inked Magazine, on which she stars as this month's cover star.

"At the time the tattoo artist said to me that people wouldn’t employ me because I had a tattoo on my hand, but I still did it, because I had this crazy thought in my head that I wasn’t going to do anything but be a performer anyway.”

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But despite getting a taste for tatts, she likes them to have a special meaning, like the birdcage on her left arm and bird on her right, which she got to commemorate her uncle's passing.

She explained: “I remember growing up my uncle always had birds, and I thought that it would be interesting to do something different other than getting his name tattooed on me. I thought there was something special about leaving the cage door open and having the bird fly out the other side.” 

Cher Lloyd tattoos

“It’s up to an individual to choose when they want to get a tattoo – and if you’re under the age – you should discuss it with your parents like I did," she added.

What do you make of Cher's thoughts on tatts - reckon she's got the right idea?

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