Jamie Campbell Bower spotted kissing a girl that isn't Lily Collins

Say WHUT now?

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You might be used to seeing Jamie Campbell Bower and girlfriend Lily Collins waltzing about hand in hand, but something slightly confusing is going on this morning after some pictures appeared online of The Mortal Instruments star looking pretty cosy with another girl. Snapped at Optimus Alive Festival in Lisbon, Jamie and fashion blogger Zina Charkoplia have certainly been getting on like a house on fire - to the point that they've even been having a bit of kiss and a cuddle.

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Jamie and Lily have been dating since they started filming upcoming movie The Mortal Instruments, but after these latest pics popped up online, fans have been feeling rather confused about their real life lovefest. This all kicked off after fashion blogger Zina posted several pics of herself and Jamie together at the Portugese music festival and while they look pretty innocent, it wasn't long before several other pics appeared of the pair licking each other's noses and looking a bit like they're having a mild snog.

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Who said romance was dead, eh?

The fact that Zina openly posted the pics on Instagram makes us think that perhaps the whole thing was just a bit of fun and that it seems a bit unlikely there's any funny business going on. But after more photos appeared on Tumblr of the pair enjoying a tongue sandwich, there's been all sorts of rumours suggesting everything from the idea that they're dating to that the pics are actually photoshopped to Jamie secretly being made from faerie plums. We may or may not have made that last bit up ourselves, but there you go.

Whatever is going on, we have to say we are HIGHLY CONFUSED - mainly as we had big dreams that Jamie was going to give Lily a piggyback off into the sunset, where they'd live happily ever after drawing magical runes all over each other's bodies using guyliner forever after.

Nice to see Jamie getting into character and wearing what looks like the Morgenstern family ring, even so...

What do you make of this - reckon there's something fishy going on or that Zina and Jamie are just good pals?

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