Lindsay Lohan jokes about Harry Styles bisexual rumours and conquest count on Chelsea Handler - WATCH

If you were going to associate Lindsay Lohan with a boyband, you’d probably choose The Wanted for that time she.. erm, became best pals with Max George. Ahem. However, she might just have her eye on another heartthrob these days, except this one has marginally more hair than Max.

In her new comeback into stardom after a rough few years, Lindsay guest hosted E!’s late night show Chelsea Lately yesterday, and the butt of her jokes was dreamy target, Harry Styles, as she chatted about his recent and well fit appearance on the cover of GQ magazine.

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Harry Styles

Don’t worry though, it doesn’t sound like LiLo is planning on taking Hazwan into her maneating lair. Instead, she joked about the bisexual rumours which he addressed in the interview. “Harry Styles was on the cover of British GQ, and was questioned by the interviewer about rumours he’s bisexual with a DJ named Nick”, Lindsay said.

She then added “....I’ve been there.” We LOVE funny laugh-at-herself Lilo. Do continue, love.

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She went on, “Harry answered we’re just friends. When asked with how many people he’d slept with, Harry said ‘Yes, lower than 50, you’re cornering me. I’ve only ever had sex with two people.’”

Lindsay Lohan

Linds quipped “...Yeah, he’s never hung out with The Wanted, and he’s obviously not counting oral”.

Watch La Lohan do her thang HERE: (Also as a side note, her hair is looking quite frankly bodacious)

Amazing. Although she clearly doesn’t read Sugarscape very often, otherwise she would know that OF COURSE he hasn't hung out with The Wanted. They're not exactly best mates, are they folks? Although, she has just come out of a long stint in rehab, so maybe we’ll let her off her lack of very important knowledge.

Well, she's always been a bit of a drama magnet, and she's kind of asking for trouble with this one. Oh gahd, imagine the Twitter hate. What do you think of Lindsay’s comments?

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