Jennifer Lawrence on kissing Josh Hutcherson: 'There was a huge string of snot'

If a situation ever arose where we were actually forced to kiss Josh Hutcherson of being fit and *that* supposed leaked nude photo fame, the chances are our reaction would involve a lot of shaking, crying and flailing about. But how did our fave gal crush Jennifer Laurence feel when she had to do just that for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire? didn't really care. Obviously.

So you know how these Hollywood types always make on-screen kisses out to be well romantic and not-at-all-awkward? NAHT J-LAW. She's admitted her snog with Joshy Boi got a little bit gross and STRINGY SNOT-RELATED. Ooh er.

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Josh Hutcherson Jennifer Lawrence

Chattinf to The Mirror, Jen revealed: "One kiss there was a lot of slobber... all this snot coming out of my nose. Then when I go to kiss Josh it connects to his mouth, and there is a huge string, then I cough and wobble it. It's gross but you've got to see it. It's hilarious."

Hmm. Yep, totally gross. Yep, still totally wanna see it. Sorrynotsorry.

Jennifer Lawrence Josh hutcherson

What do you think? Feel slightly sick or reckon it's al rather hilarious and #banterific? Comments please...

Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson

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