Seeing as Kylie and Kendall Jenner happen to be part of the madness that is the Kardashian family, it wouldn't be too much of a shock to believe that they lead a pretty exciting life. However, after claims that the two youngest siblings have been partying it up in a Malibu beach house, Kylie's hit back, saying the whole thing's a bunch of rubbish.

Yep, following reports from Radar Online that Kendall and Kylie have 'broken loose' at a summer rental home (we literally have no idea what that means) and claims that they 'host ragers all week' (how very American), Kylie's decided to speak out and say her piece.

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner 

Taking to Twitter, K-Jen posted: "I honestly don't know where these beach house party rumors came about. haven't thrown ONE 'party' there..." SO THERE gossipy news source.

But as much as we love that Kylie and her sis are good girls - well, they *are* only 16 and 17 to be fair - we couldn't help but get a little excited at the prospect of them throwing a bash to rival The OC. Mainly because we just miss The OC a lot.

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Radar Online had previously reported that Jenner children 1 and 2 had been acting 'out of control', with a source saying: "The parties fill the house and boys are definitely invited... Neighbours find teens passed out on the sand. The beach is littered with cans and spent fireworks.”


Kylie Jenner

Anyway, now that we know there's been no sordid teen parties going on in some swanky Malibu mansion, we can all go back to our boring lives. Sigh. 

What do you make of all this then? Comments please...

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