Perrie Edwards' BFF Katherine Spires posts pic of Perrie flaunting engagement ring

Honestly, the feels from this week are becoming way too much to handle at the moment. Yesterday we found ourselves gazing into the distance for hours on end just thinking about Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards' perfectness, and wondered if they had already been flicking through some wedding magazines yet. GAH.

But now things have gotten WAY too much for us, because Perrie's best friend Katherine Spires has congratulated her pal with a sweet message and an adorable few snaps of Pez and her dying over her engagement ring. OH THE FEELS.

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Perrie Edwards Katherine Spires

Image: Twitter

Yep, Pezza's BFF took to Twitter yesterday to speak out about Perrie's engagement, posting: "So it's official, Perrie & Zayn are engaged! Couldn't be happier! Love You Both!" Not only did she use exclamation marks to express her joy, she also added a crying smiley face at the end. JOIN THE CLUB KATH, OUR MASCARA WASN'T MADE FOR THIS.

But as much as we enjoyed Perrie and Katherine doing some *great* 'just engaged' poses to the camera, we can't help but really appreciate their duck faces at the end, too. If you've got it, flaunt it and all that.

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Now that Zayn has well and truly put a ring on it, we suspect Katherine will be gearing up for some serious maid of honour duties - we do *not* envy her - because in an old interview with Little Mix, the topic of a Zerrie wedding came up, with Kath being first on the list for being Pezza's right hand gal.

We can't even begin to imagine just how bodacious those Little Mix ladies will be looking when they're waltzing down the aisle in some KILLER bridesmaids dresses.

What do you reckon? These celebs love a good photobooth sesh don't they? Comments please...

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Images: Twitter

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