Best celebrity reactions to Miley Cyrus' foam finger dance at the VMAs - pics and GIFs of joy

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So, you might've heard that Miley Cyrus went a bit full out for her performance at the VMAs over the weekend, not only by twerking her butt all over the place but also by getting a little excited with a foam finger during her collaby wabby with Robin Thicke.

If you managed to get away with not seeing Miley and her flesh coloured bikini getting her grind on, well then congratulations but have it in a short GIF version instead to haunt all your future dreams.

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Miley Cyrus


Alright, now that the hard part's over, we can focus on the upside of Miley's extra raunchy performance - and that's the reactions of all the poor celebs who had to watch the whole thing live and from a very small distance away.


Oh Drake, you poor soul. He probably just turned up expecting to do his own performance, maybe have a chat with his pal Kanye and be on his merry way but NO - Miley had to shake her bits all over the place, causing him to look straight at the ground and definitely not at her practically underage body.  WE CAN'T DEAL WITH HOW SAD HE LOOKS.

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Rihanna One Direction

There's a lot going on here - Zayn averting his eyes so he can remain an engaged man, Niall having a bit of a smirky perv, Harry pretending to be unfussed while chewing his gum so violently his teeth might crack. But it's Rihanna who wins this round with a look of pure confusion and disgust. Oh RiRi.

Taylor Swift Selena Gomez

Not even the bad quality of this GIF can stop us from seeing Taylor Swift looking so shocked that she might just fall off her damn chair. Props to Selena though, who styles out her eyebrow raising surprise with a lovely bit of supportive clapping.

Daft Punk

However, it's Daft Punk who manage to convey what everyone's thinking in just one picture despite the fact that they're robots who don't speak.

Even though Miley was clearly gunning for the most controversial performance of the evening, it seems Will Smith and his family were more concerned over Lady Gaga's opening song, which left them looking a little hilarious.

Smith family


Well then, what do you make of these? Any favourites in this bunch? They're all pretty spectacular, no? Comments please...

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Images: Twitter/Tumblr

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