Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman go public with some PDA in London - pics

When all that baby drama started emerging about Simon Cowell impregnating his friend's wife, we can all admit we thought it was just one big old mix up. WELL, fast forward a few weeks and here we are seeing Uncle Si becoming quite the domesticated man - at least if these PDA filled pics are anything to go by.

Simon recently confirmed that he's set to become a dad with Lauren Silverman, a New York socialite who happens to be a little bit still married, and now the two have gone well and truly public for the whole world to see. A-WOO.

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Simon Cowell Lauren Silverman

Stepping out for their first official London date night, Simon and Lauren headed to Chelsea for dinner and emerged with a *ton* of awaiting fans and photographers. However, the two didn't seem too fussed by the attention at all - in fact, we'd call Si's face awfully smug.

Well, it's either smugness or just his horrific sunburn causing his face to contort into different expressions. Honestly, has the man ever heard of suncream? HE'S ABOUT TO BE A DAD FOR GOD'S SAKE.

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But one thing that managed to distract us from Uncle Si's painfully red skin was the massive PDA he and Lozza decided to put on for their adoring public.

Simon Cowell Lauren Silverman

It's like walking in on your parents. It's too much for our eyes. We'd like it to go away. Of course, we're really happy for Simon and his child carrying gal pal but we think they could have just *told* us they're officially a couple now instead of snogging each others' faces off for everyone to see. Their unborn baby is probably cringing in the womb.

We guess it's quite sweet though, too. But what do you reckon? Happy to see Uncle Si all settled down now or what? Comments please...

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