Boy George on One Direction: 'One of them must be gay'

Right, so remember back in February when Liam Payne got all social media sassy on Boy George off of being a popstar in the 1980s following a run-in at the BRIT Awards? Basically it was all a bit dramatic, with Captain Sensible accusing Boy George of telling 'porkies' *and* using the amazing term 'Georgie pie' in one heavenly Twitlonger.

Well now Georgie's gone and opened another ruddy can of worms yet again, sayng that he loved 'winding up' One Direction fans on Twitter after the bust-up. Oh - and he's pretty certain one of them's gay, too. Uh oh.

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Liam Payne Boy George

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Chatting to the Daily Star, Boy G said: "I wouldn’t know who One Direction were if they fell on my head. I’m older than them, they should treat me with respect. I blocked all the band, I couldn’t be bothered to hear anything they said but I couldn’t help winding up their fans." sure you know who you're messin' with, Georgie Pie?

Liam Payne

And the scathing remarks didn't end there, with Boy quipping: "The odds are one of One Direction must be gay. I think everyone is a bit bisexual deep down, so the odds are they are probably all bisexual. They’re rock stars so it’s what you’d expect, isn’t it? I’d be disappointed if they weren’t.

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“Tattoos don’t make you butch. Look at me."

Yeah - 'cause that's definitely how it works, Boy George. EVERYONE is bisexual. Straight people are being phased out. It's just evolution theory, really.

What d'ya make of Georgie's comments? Comments please...

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