Dakota Fanning spotted holding hands with her fit boyfriend in New York - pic

When it comes to Dakota Fanning, we're used to spotting her in some glorious outfit that make her look *so* much more mature than her spritely 19 years, usually thanks to her penchant for grungy leather and side boob. A girl after our own hearts, really.

But whenever we spy Dakota out and about, she's mostly on her own being outrageously cool and eating lunch somewhere awesome - we sound like Janis Ian from Mean Girls right now, we know - but now it seems D-Kotes has got a brand new accessory on the go, and it happens to be a fit boy. A-WOO.

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Dakota Fanning spotted holding hands with her boyfriend in New York - Dakota Fanning images - sugarscape.com

And BOY, is he fit. Yep, Dakota stepped out with her boyfriend Jamie Strachan in New York this and showed him off for the whole world to see - and can you blame her? The pair were wearing matching jeans and snazzy sunglasses (the sign of true love) and looked *well* cute while they enjoyed some non-summery sunshine.

Shall we discuss Jamie now? Let's discuss Jamie. HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL WE WANT TO RIP OUT OUR EYEBALLS. He's like a cross between Rob Pattinson and Garrett Hedlund but with Liam Hemsworth hair. How is he real?

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Dakota Fanning pictured with her boyfriend in New York - Dakota Fanning images - sugarscape.com

But while our eyes were a teensy bit more focused on Jamie, we still looked long enough to love what D-Fans was wearing on their outing. Rocking some rolled up jeans, delicate tee and short-strapped handbag, she managed to look casual and stylish at the same time. 

Well, we're off to Google the crap out of Jamie - GAH. We just discovered he's 32, 13 years older than Dakota. We're done with the Googling now - tell us what you think? Quite cute right? Let's not dwell on the age, it's a right spoiler.

Dakota Fanning in leather trousers and biker boots at Venice Film Festival - trend or tragic?

Dakota Fanning's cute cream dress and retro sunnies at the Venice Film Festival - love or loathe?

Dakota Fanning rocks scruffy pink streaks in her hair - trend or tragic?

Images: Rex

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