Caroline Flack talks Harry Styles romance: "We had an unconventional relationship"

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Now that we've discovered Dakota Fanning is dating a boy (a really, really, ridiculously fit boy at that) who's 13 years older than her, we couldn't help but think back to our favourite age gappy celeb romance of all time - Caroline Flack and Harry Styles.

While at the time it was pretty obvious some people were a little confused by the pairing, others were a bit ruddy fuming over it, which caused quite the controversy when it was all going on. But now that some time has passed and Cazza doesn't have to worry about over enthusiastic pre-teens making voodoo dolls of her anymore (we hope), she's been able to chat more about her past relationship with Hazlan.

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Caroline Flack talks Harry Styles romance: "We had an unconventional relationship" - Caroline Flack images - 

Speaking to Glamour magazine, el Flazza revealed that the age gap between her and Harry was never an issue with anyone but those who were criticising it, saying: "We weren’t bothered and his family wasn’t bothered. But the thing about unconventional relationships is that other people do seem to be bothered.

"I mean, look, it was just really fun to hang out… I don’t think we were ever going to have a long-term future. It was fun and it was hurting nobody… [Breaking up] was fine. And now we’re friends." SO THERE HATERS.

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But even though Haroline's been over for absolutely ages and Caz hasn't shown much interest in another 17 year old since - she much prefers her new lad Jack Street-  she still got offered some major cash to inspire other potential cougars of the world.

Caroline Flack talks Harry Styles romance: "We had an unconventional relationship" - Harry Styles images - 

Flazza told the mag: "‘I think maybe I’m more aware of my age than ever before. People have made me aware of my age… I do think the word ‘cougar’ is quite funny. I was once offered something ridiculous, like a million pounds, to be the face of

"It’s an American website where younger guys can find older women. When I checked out the site, I discovered that, at 31, I was actually technically too young to be a cougar." Well it looks like Caz may need to wait a few years or ten before she can take back her cougar crown then.

But what do you make of all this? Think Haroline was a good couple? Or did the age gap confuse you? Comments please...

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