Niall Horan to be best man at Zayn Malik's wedding to Perrie Edwards?

Just the thought of Niall Horan wearing a sharp shirt buttoned up to the top and smart trousers which he’s probably forgotten to do the fly up on, makes our hearts skip a beat. So the latest Zerrie wedding news that Zayn is thinking about having little ol’ Nialler as his best man is making us cry ACTUAL TEARS OF JOY.

With four rather eligible candidates, apparently Zayn has decided that Niall should be the one to present the rings at the top of the aisle, and make a speech about that time that the pair of them got naked whilst eating a garlic kebab in a hotel room. Or did we just read a fanfic about that one?

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Niall Horan

According to the Daily Star, Maliko might have given Niall the most important job, but he wants to make sure all the boys play a part when he ties the knot with Perrie Edwards. But if you were hoping that there’d be some kind of Little Things performance as Perrie walked down the aisle, you might be a bit disappointed.

“One thing Zayn insists on is that the lads won’t sing because he wants them all to enjoy the day without any pressure.”

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“He’s planning to give each of them a role in the wedding party and it looks like bandmate Niall Horan will be best man.”

And just incase you weren’t already crying at the thought of Niall looking proud as he hands Zayn’s wedding ring over to Perrie, as Liam looks on and pats Louis in the shoulder with a grin, whilst Harry wipes a single happy tear away, here’s a GIF to illustrate Niall being Zayn’s best man.



According to Heat magazine, Niall has already pretty much decided for Zayn that he’ll be his bro for the big day, with a source revealing "Niall is certain he will be the one."

So please don’t let him down Bradford Bad Boi, we can’t bear the thought of his disappointed face. But if you do choose someone else, have a bargain bucket on hand to cheer him up.

What do you think of the news that Niall might be best man at Zayn and Perrie’s wedding?

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