Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande spotted holding hands at Disneyland - Pics

From the moment we saw The Wanted's Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande getting all soppy and wistful on us in their Almost Is Never Enough music vid, our perfect pop pairing senses went all tingly. As much as we shipped Jariana, we just knew something was goin' down. And now - after loads of rumours and 'he/she's a lovely person'-type comments from the twosome - it's pretty much official. Nariana are a thing. Can we get an 'AWW' in four different octaves, please?

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Nath and Ari have been holding hands, canoodling and being generally the cutest things ever at Disneyland - and obviously loads of fans have been snapping away on their snazzy camera phones. Hooray.

Nathan Sykes Ariana Grande - Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande images -

Image: Twitter

Yup, it seems our Nath's pipped his pal Justin Bieber to the post in nabbing the pop princess of the moment, 'cause they've been waltzing about looking like actual Cinderella and Prince Charming. Or maybe more Mickey and Minnie, 'cause she's got the ears and ting.

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Basically it's like that time Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone went but with approximately 78% more fondling.

Nathan Sykes Ariana Grande - Nathan Sykes Ariana Grande images -

Images: Twitter

So there you have it - Nariana are ON. Unless she comes out and pulls another 'we're just friends who hold hands and look besotted with each other' a la Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran at the VMAs. Hmm.

What do you reckon? Shipping Nariana? Already planning your wedding outfit? Comments please.

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