Somewhere in the world Harry Styles is choking on his 12th banana of the day because his number one celebrity crush Nina Dobrev has gone and stripped off her usual stylish clothes and has posed topless - but all for a good cause.

Yep, it seems Nina's getting political and considering just the word 'politics' makes us want to run and hide under our duvets somewhere before a guy in a suit pops up and starts educating us on the recession *shudder*, she's decided to make worldly issues a bit more, ahem, saucy by whipping off her top and letting Americans know that their healthcare is a matter that needs a bit more attention.

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The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev goes topless for US healthcare campaign - Nina Dobrev images -

Posting her sultry black and white snap to social media website Whosay, N-Dobs did a bit of a Miley (we've started calling any semi-nude celeb activity a 'Miley' now) and got a bit racy for her #GetCovered support pic, which is all about American president Barack Obama's new, free healthcare system. FANCY. 

Using her hashtagged piece of cardboard to maintain her dignity, Nina looked all kinds of bodacious with her wavy brunette locks, smokey eyes and not much else 'tbh'. But unlike most famous starlets who whip off their tops for a giggle, it's nice to see Neens doing it for a good reason. 

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The Vamoire Diaries' Nina Dobrev goes topless for US healthcare campaign - Nina Dobrev images -

Well, it certainly got our attention, we'll tell you that. But while we're off to educate ourselves more in the subject of American medicine (hey, if our resident girl crush is doing it, we definitely have to give it a go too) we reckon a couple BILLION lads are off to register themselves for some Obamacare. We'd bet our last tenner on it. 

But what do you make of this? Love that Nina's trying to encourage people to #GetCovered? Or are you just ogling her snazzy hair? We don't blame you, really. Comments below please...

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Images: Wenn/Whosay

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