So despite having had everyone and their ruddy mothers telling Miley Cyrus what she should be doing, wearing and singing about, the only person who hasn't taken any notice in the slightest happens to be Miley ruddy Cyrus.

But while her recent outfits *have* been a bit on the 'raunchy' side and makes nans everywhere do a load of tutting whenever she appears on their telly screens, she's never really managed to totally shock us with her outfit choices. UNTIL NOW.

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Miley Cyrus has a 'lip slip' performing on The Today Show in New York - Miley Cyrus images -

Yep, even her in the sight of nipple pads does nothing to make this particular 'look' any less disturbing to us - and no, it's not just because we've had to concoct a close up for your eagle eye'd pleasure. THIS IS WHAT WE WENT TO UNIVERSITY FOR, DAMMIT.

Miley performed on The Today Show in New York in her typical skimpy attire, which showed off quite a lot of bum cheek but more important, a proper 'lip slip'. And yes, everytime you read that phrase you *will* gag a little. Thems the breaks.

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While Miles' outfit did have some sort of white lacy underwear lurking under her teeny denim shorts, clearly they weren't enough to cover her modesty when she was in the middle or a particular strenuous twerk break.

Miley Cyrus has a 'lip slip' performing on The Today Show in New York - Miley Cyrus images - 

WE'RE SORRY. What else is there to say really. To be honest, we think we're starting to see more of Miley's naked body than we see of our actual selves - it's like a talent. A talent that makes us want to sob silently into our Hannah Montana duvet.

SO. Any comments on this particular fashion statement then? Lay them on us while we go have a few cups of tea to calm down...

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