One Direction's Zayn Malik defends Louis Tomlinson in Nick Grimshaw Twitter spat?

Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls and Viennese whirls - brace yourselves like Niall Horan's old nashers. World (Wide Web) War III could be about to break out. The sass is brewing, the hair's about to be flicked and - somewhere in Australia - Harry Styles is feeling more torn than he did at judges' houses. Why? Because Louis Tomlinson and Nick Grimshaw are potentially about to be embroiled in a Twitter tirade to top them all.

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So you know how Luigi T got slightly social media stroppy yesterday saying he couldn't leave his hotel for paps? Then remember how Grimmy seemingly called him a 'complainy popstar' on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show? Well this shiz just got stepped up a notch...and it's SUBTWEET CENTRAL.

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So here's the deal - after Grimmy's initial 'complainy popstar' comment, Louis' gal pal Eleanor Calder very much TOOK TO TWITTER to say that, actually, she's never liked Grimmy anyway. OOF. But now we have further developments in the quiff tiff, people, and it goes a little bit like this:

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  • This morning, Louis subtley tweeted "@grimmers < @chrisdjmoyles"
  • Grimmy then seemingly responded to the Sasquatch, saying "Ooh Stacey got out the wrong side of bed this morning". WITH THE NAIL PAINTING EMOJI. Sh*t just got serious.
  • Zayn Malik then waded in to defend Tommo, tweeting "Don't know why people always have to get brave ? Mind your own business :)" and "love ya bro. !"
  • Louis responded "@zaynmalik Westside!"


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Now as much as a good Twitter feud is everything we were brought onto this planet for and more, we can't help but spare a thought for Harry Styles, who's probably somewhere Down Under, wearing a leopard print catsuit, listening to Shania Twain's You're Still the One and dreaming of a world where everybody gets on and rides glittery unicorns into the sunset.

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Oh, Harold.

What d'ya make of all this? Who's gonna make the next move? Is it all a bit grim(mers)? Comments please.

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