Miley Cyrus offends stroke charity after joking on SNL that a 'mini stroke' forces her to stick her tongue out

Oh quelle flippin’ shock, Miley Cyrus has done something CONTROVERSIAL again, but this time it’s a little more serious than just waving her bootay in someone’s crotch, or shoving a foam finger in any available orifice.

She’s now facing a whole heap of backlash after her appearance on Saturday Night Live which, although tamer than most were expecting, saw her making a joke that her inability to keep her tongue in her gob was caused by a couple of ‘mini strokes’. Ahem, tasteful.

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Miley Cyrus

Seeing as it’s in big trouble, we’re censoring that tongue of hers today in some kind of political stand against it. We imagine it has the texture of a brick and smells like woodland creatures. Errghhhhh.

The Stroke Association UK has slammed Miley for the insensitive blunder, and said that her joking that she “kept having mini-strokes” was inappropriate. The charity said “Having a mini-stroke is no laughing matter.”

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“Around 46,000 people in the UK have a mini-stroke each year, with one in ten leading to a major stroke. Sticking out your tongue is not a sign of having a stroke... Having a stroke is a serious medical emergency.”

Yep, so it's official - sticking your tongue out is just a sign of being a bit of a douche on stage.

Miley Cyrus

Charities are coming at Miley with their torches and pitchforks at the moment, after she also received criticism from mental health charities for her jibes at Sinead O’Connor, where she appeared to be laughing at her mental illness problems.

If we found a magic lamp, we’d probably use our three wishes to a) make miley’s tongue never appear again, b) permananently stick her mouth shut so she’d stop making all these cringeworthy comments, but then we’d let her open it again when she learnt her lesson. We’d use the last wish to some kind of advantage towards bagging a boyband boyfriend.

What do you think about Miley coming under fire from the stroke charity for her comments? Was she just having a laugh, or does she deserve it?

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