Perrie Edwards clears up Zayn Malik wedding rumours: "Gordon Ramsay is not cooking"

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Ever since One Direction's Zayn Malik and Little Mix's Perrie Edwards announced their engagement, the wedding rumours have been flying - with supposed 'insiders' claiming that the ceremony will cost £2.5 million, that Zayn will arrive on a gold plated unicorn (OK so that one is just wishful thinking on our part) and other such shizzle.

So, when we met up for a chinwag with Little Mix about their new single 'Move' and second album 'Salute' (videos of that chat coming soon) we thought we'd better get to the bottom of the rumours.

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Well - quelle shock - it turns out that NONE of the specualation is true, because Perrie hasn't started to plan her big day yet. In fact, she and Zayn haven't even set a date.

Speaking about getting hitched to the Bradford Bad Boi, Perrie told us: "Right. Gordon Ramsay is not cooking at my wedding, I have not got my dress from Vera Wang - I haven’t got anything! 

"I haven’t even started planning, I don’t have a date – all I know is I’m very happy. We’re just very happy to be honest."

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WELL THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS THEN. Watch the video below to see Pezza talking weddings - and Leigh-Anne and Jade's reaction to the 'wedding of the year' news.


Whaddya reckon to all that then?

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