Ariana Grande talks Nathan Sykes relationship: 'The long distance doesn't take a toll when you're this happy'

Being two of the world's most in-demand popsters has gotta make any celeb relationship difficult, right? Like...we were away from our boyfriend Niall Horan for ages when he went off on the Take Me Home tour with One Direction and it was a bloody NIGHTMARE. Ahem.

Anyway, yeah. After Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards admitted they use Skype to stay in touch while they're off doing their singy-dancey day jobs, Ariana Grande's revealed that being apart from her new boy toy Nathan Sykes ain't too difficult thanks to Scooter Braun sorting 'em out.

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Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande - Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande images -

Having a chinny-chin-chinwag with The Sun, Ariana explained: “We never have to go that long without seeing each other, actually. It’s amazing. It’s very convenient. We have the same management so it’s easy to look at each other’s schedules and pick out a certain time. But we’re not separated for more than a week at a time, usually.

“But it doesn’t even matter. It’s just such a happy thing. The distance doesn’t really take a toll when you’re that happy."


Ntahn Sykes and Ariana Grande - Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande images -

What d'ya reckon? Glad the pair are all loved-up despite the long distance thing? Comments please.

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