Taylor Swift goes on 'secret date' with Douglas Booth in London?

So Taylor Swift's been doing a bit of house hunting in the UK at the moment as part of her master plan to become Sugarscape's new BFF - oh come on Swifty, we're so onto you - but it seems she got to spend some time away from measuring door frames and eyeing up master bedrooms and head off on a date with Douglas Booth.

But not just any date, no. A super romantic secret date up in the posh bit of London, which only makes us about ten thousand times more jealous. 

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Taylor Swift and Douglas Booth have 'secret date' in London? - Taylor Swift images - sugarscape.com

Yep, apparently the Swizzlestick and Douglas met up in Hampstead this week and clearly TayTay is really into that whole Romeo thing, because as if it wasn't enough to write a song about him, now she gets to snog a fit boy who plays him in a film. AGH. 

According to The Sun, the two were spotted looking 'very friendly' with each other, with a sneaky witness saying: "They hired out a section of the pub out of sight, tucked away around the corner. A member of staff was sitting outside stopping customers from going near them.

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“When they did come out they were laughing and joking. They seemed like they were getting on brilliantly - they seemed very close. They even went to the toilet together, so neither was alone at any time - separate toilets however. They were in the pub a few hours.”

PHEW, don't worry guys, they were separate toilets. Why do we get the feeling this was someone's mum who was spying on the pair? Given Tay's track record with lads, it was probs Dougie's hoping nothing songwriting worthy was going on. TayTay's rep, however, has denied the whole bloomin' thing saying "they're friends." OH, the DRAMA.

Taylor Swfit goes on a 'secret date' with Douglas Booth in London? - Douglas Booth images - sugarscape.com

Well, this is quite the odd celeb pairing, don'tcha think? Could Taylor and Douglas really be 'secretly dating' or are they just pals? Gah, we just don't know. Comments please...

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