Josh Hutcherson: 'Jennifer Lawrence is a monster since getting her Oscar'

Ever since she landed into superstardom with the first Hunger Games movie, we’ve thought that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the coolest human beings on the planet. She’s so genuine, awesome and down to earth that we just want to be best mates with her.... Or so we thought. DUN DUN DUN.

According to her co-star and good pal Josh Hutcherson, J-Law has changed a bit ever since winning her Oscar last year for starring in Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper. OOH do spill the goss Hutcho, you handsome chap.

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Hunger Games

Chatting to Digital Spy about the new Catching Fire movie, Josh was joined with Liam Hemsworth to reveal all about Jennifer, and rather than gushing about ohow amazing she is, they confessed that she’s a totally changed woman these days. And they were definitely being really serious. Definitely. Totally. Maybe.

“It’s really sad to see her downward decline in personality in general, her awareness of othe people’s emotions... She’s become a real Oscar monster!”, Josh joked.

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Yeah, we can definitely tell that she’s becoming really stuck up and way too Hollywood for her own good. We mean, she NEVER makes us laugh or makes a fool of herself any more...

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence

What do you think of Josh's confessions about the new Oscar monster that is Jennifer Lawrence? We have a feeling he's joking... don't you lot? Are you a big J-Law fan?

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