Niall Horan's mum denies he's dating Barbara Palvin: "He's not ready for a serious girlfriend"

Even though barely five minutes can go by without another celebrity lady getting linked to a member of One Direction - it's the one thing in life we can be absolutely certain of - it's fair to say it can get a bit tedious to hear about.

So praise the lord for Maura Gallagher, who isn't just one of the cutest 'sleb mums we've ever laid eyes on, she's also gone so far as to deny the relationship rumours about her son. HOORAY.

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Niall Horan's mum says he 'isn't ready for a serious relationship' - Niall Horan images -

Yep, Maura's been chatting to Ireland's RTE radio and given her two cents about her boy's dating habits - and basically, she's said that he hasn't had anything to write home about quite just yet. We guess she doesn't know he's engaged to Katy Perry yet then.

Nialler's mam revealed to the station: "I don’t think Niall is ready yet for a serious girlfriend. He’s a real happy-go-lucky lad. He wants to enjoy life and isn’t ready to settle into a steady relationship as far as I know just yet."

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“He’s a good gentle character himself. There are in that position where they’ll meet lots of people and girls. A girl he’ll go for dinner with here and to the pictures with there - but I’m not sure they are all girlfriends... When he has something to tell me, he'll tell me.”

Maura also dished out some wise words for the any ladies who fancy their chances with Niall, advising they need to be 'a good laugh and [have] a good personality. Someone that he can sit and chat and have a laugh with." WE LOVE SITTING AND CHATTING AND LAUGHING.

Niall Horan's mum says he 'isn't ready for a serious relationship' - Niall Horan images -

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Well, despite having put our minds at ease a bit over the relationship status of her popstar son, Maura has put us slighly back on edge by also saying: "What goes on in London, stays in London." Agh, we're back to being constantly terrified.

What do you make of all this though? Glad Niall's mum can clear up those pesky rumours for you? Will you be taking her advice on how to blag Nialler in the very near future? Comments please...

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