Scott Mills gives us the behind the scenes gossip from 1D Day: "I saw some Kardashians, which was interesting"

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Scott Mills was the envy of pretty much, well, everyone earlier this month - when he flew to LA to co host 1D Day with the One Direction boys.

Keeping things from descending into complete chaos (as they undoubtedly would have, had Louis Tomlinson been left to his own devices for too long) Scott commentated on wrestling matches, observed world record attempts and basically hung out with the 1D boys for an entire 7 hours.

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scott mills gives us the behind the scenes gossip from 1D day - 1D day images -

So when we caught up with Scott at Cosmopolitan's Ultimate Women of the Year Awards in London last night, there was only one thing we wanted to know. 'WHAT WAS IT LIKE AND GIVE US SOME BACKSTAGE GOSSIP PLEASE'.

Despite confessing that the whole thing was all a bit of a blur, actually, Scott did reveal that there were some celeb guests hanging out behind the scenes. *Hint* think the letter 'K'.

"I saw some Kardashians, which was interesting," he told us. " I think we all know which one I might have seen... she was just hanging out, being an LA rich kid".

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Just hanging out. As if it weren't no thang. Someone would have had to scrape us off the floor after we exploded with excitement had we been just chilling backstage at actual 1D day, but there you go.

So was said Kardashian (Jenner) 'hanging out' with any particular member of One Direction? "I wish I could tell you that was the case but they were all so busy all of the time... there was hardly any breaks," said Scott. 

"But they did each have a people carrier outside in case they wanted to have some alone time. Not that he did do that. I didn't see that," he added.

WELL. Watch all this and everything else Scott had to say in the video below.


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