Katy Perry has had a busy week with the premiere of Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D in London.

But she still made time to meet up with Lauren from Sugarscape for a quick chat about the film. Our favourite moment is Katy's face when Lauren reveals she's from Essex, birthplace of her ex Russell Brand. Cringe.

But that wasn't the only shocking moment. Speaking about her 91-year-old Grandma, Katy said: "She used to make G-strings for topless dancers so I think it's in the family these days."

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We also asked her what body part she'd exchange with Kitty Purry? She said: "I'd like to have her tail, but I'd have to hide it, I'd be very embarrassed."

We also see Katy's impression of a zombie and play a game with her we like to call 'Part Of Me'.

Watch the full interview here…

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