There's nothing we enjoy more than testing out the acting skills of celebs, so when we caught up with the Little Mix gals (minus Jade, who couldn't be there) earlier this week to have a chat about their brand new single How Ya Doin'?, we couldn't resist going all 'drama school' on them.

What with the track being all about phones and all, it seemed appropriate to choose two of our favourite ever phone call based movie scenes and get the girls to reanact them - with a Little Mix twist.
BUT WHICH SCENES DID YOU PICK? we hear you cry. Liam Neeson's infamous Taken speech and *that* four-way phone call bit in Mean Girls, is the answer.

Watch the video below to see Perrie actually scare us with her intense reading, Jesy do a brilliant impression of Amy Childs, and Leigh-Anne channel Regina George to perfection. DANNY DEVITO, WE LOVE YOUR WORK.

What do you reckon - think the gals have a future in film? How Ya Doin'? featuring Missy Elliot is OUT RIGHT NOW.

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