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community guidelines Community Guide

We want to be as fun a place as possible, providing a safe and welcoming community for all aged 12 years or over.

Please read and follow our community guidelines and help make a sweet place to hang out.

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us on

Share the love

Feedback is big part of the sugarscape experience, and when done with respect, can be a great way to make new mates and share cool links. So, leave comments, rate buds by sugaring or shoving them, and send friends a Squeeze to say 'hi'. You're totally allowed to 'Shove' content if you don't like it, but any hateful or unnecessarily negative comments will be removed.

But not too much...

Sugar the stuff you love, but sugaring absolutely everything just to get points isn't cool. Do you want to read all that stuff?

Play nice is a place for everyone, so treat people how you would like to be treated yourself. This means no swearing, no offensive messages or comments, no bookmarking offensive links, and no bullying. Behaviour and/or comments which are hateful, racist, sexist or homophobic are not tolerated on and will be removed. Anyone found guilty of this behaviour risks being removed from the site completely. If you come across any offensive comments or links, please report it to us.

Keep your private info private

Never give out private and personal information (your telephone number, email, home address, school instant messenger name, sugarscape password or any personal details) to people on who you don't know. Be cautious of people who ask you for too much information, even if you've 'known' them a while.

Be yourself

Pretending to be something or someone you are not is not cool. It's dishonest and unacceptable, and anyone found doing so will be removed from the site.

Report it

If you see anyone acting against these guidelines, or see any content you think is hateful or offensive, we encourage Scapers to report it to us. Please see our Safety Guide for more info.