The cutest star sign jewellery out there

Because we want everyone to know our zodiac sign, ok.​

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1. Still Nest Zodiac Sign Rosegold Necklace, £64

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I might be slightly biased because I already have this necklace, but honestly i love it and people always ask me where it's from. This zodiac range was designed by YouTuber Anna Saccone who was inspired by a scorpio necklace her dad used to wear.

2. Latelita London Zodiac Rosegold Bracelet, £49

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You can get this delicate rosegold bracelet in all signs of the Zodiac, but ngl we kinda wish we were an Aquarius.

3. Topshop Pisces Charm Necklace, £12.50

These charm necklaces not only have the constellation of your star sign, they also have a cute zodiac charm.

4. Pandora Star Sign Charm, £25

Even if you don't have a Pandora bracelet, these star sign charms will personalise even the plainest of bracelets.

5. Links of London Chinese Zodiac Charm, £45

If Chinese zodiac signs are more your vibe, these adorable charms will be right up your street. I mean, have you ever seen a cuter ram? 

6. Urban Outfitters Constellation Necklace, £10

If you don't want to spend a fortune, these star sign constellation necklaces by Urban Outfitters are cheap and cheerful.

7. Alex and Ani Zodiac Charm Bracelet, £24

These brushed gold bracelets come with a charm of your star sign, along with the usual Alex and Ani mini charms.

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