Get Lily's icy blonde locks

Anyone with blonde hair knows how annoying it is when your lush locks start to fade and look a little brassy. This is an even more common complaint in the summer when hair fades faster due to exposure to the sun and chemicals like chlorine in swimming pools.

Also, If your hair colour is naturally dark and you try to lighten it like Lily Allen, you may find the blonde that your hair turns is a very yellow, brassy or orange shade. This is beacause to get a really bright white colour, you really need to have a naturally blonde base to start off with.

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But in both cases it's relatively easy to turn brassy or orange looking locks into bright white tresses. You just need to use shampoos, conditioners or hair treatements that are blue or purple in colour which will instantly help to neutralise any unwanted brassy hue.

Lee Stafford Hot Shots 4 Blondes Shampoo Treatment, £6.99 available from Boots, is one such non permanent treatment which works brilliantly, turning brassy hair bright white.

L'Oreal also have a fantastic range of hair products which are all purple in colour. We love their Shine Blonde Shampoo, £9.25 and Shine Blonde Conditoner, £10.25, available from specialised salons and Jason  to really brighten up the look of blonde hair.



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