Lea Michele gets cheeky and shows off her bum in holiday snaps from Mexico - PICS

There’s nothing worse than ringing out your soggy socks and towel drying your hair after being caught in the rain, while scrolling through Instagram to see all the celebs showing off their incredible winter holiday snaps, is there?

Usually we’d give them evils through our phone and whisper about how they’re not even that talented ANYWAY GOD, but when Lea Michele shared her amazing vacation pictures yesterday, we were actually glad to see her having a smashing time, and couldn’t help but admire the view.

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Lea Michele


We’re used to seeing Lea in Rachel Berry style cute cardigans and knee high socks, so we did a bit of a double take when we noticed this cheeky pic from her recent trip to Mexico. Lea looked majorly hot stuff as she and her bumcheeks posed up a tropical storm by the pool, and enjoying the sunshine.

She was rocking a black bikini top and teeny weeny printed bottoms with wavy beach babe hair, as she did a bit of a swinging thing from a palm tree and looked out onto the mind-blowing view while holidaying with her best pals.

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Meanwhile we’re staring out onto the UK storm, eating a slightly flattened ham sandwich and wondering where we went wrong in life.

Lea Michele

Lea captioned her revealing snap "What an amazing week in Mexico... New day. New year. #Bringit2014" which a) reminded us what a heartbreaking year she’s got through and how much she deserves to be enjoying herself, and b) made us want to recreate the Bring It On cheerleading routine.

We’re off to spend the day dreaming about unleashing our inner beach babe with Lea... SIGH. Loving seeing her having such an amazing time on her jollies? Wishing you were there?

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