Harry Styles snapped wearing a VERY unbuttoned shirt at a Walgreens store in Beverly Hills - PICS

We quite enjoy Harry Styles in a plaid shirt. We quite enjoy Harry Styles wearing blue. We quite enjoy when Harry Styles wears his button ups open to flash a bit of skin and show off his swallow tattoo. Alright, quite is a bit of an understatement - all these things make us want to frolic outside naked and appreciate the magic of life.

If you share our feelings on these very important matters, be prepared to strip off and head into the garden for a dance, because Curly Bonse has been snapped wearing a VERY unbuttoned blue checked shirt while out and about, and it’s a game changer.

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Harry Styles

In the name of all that is good in this world, IS THAT AMOUNT OF ATTRACTIVENESS EVEN LEGAL? This picture is the reason for all our future health problems.

Two very lucky fans spotted Harry’s tantalising chest cleavage from across a Walgreens store in Beverly Hills, and couldn’t resist being pulled closer towards it for a cheeky photo. And thank the Gods above that they did.

Where do we even start in the discussion of this photo? The cross necklace is back and looking hotter than ever, the hair can quite frankly only be described as 'tousled sex hair', the dimples are on show and making us want to stick our finger into it... Hnnnggnsalkdmapa';dd we've forgotten how to speak English.

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HERE’S A LARGE CLOSE UP BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU. We included the ice cream cones for extra delicious points.

Harry Styles

Hats off to these peeps though, Harry Styles AND some delicious looking dessert - they basically win at life. We could not have stood next to that sight without having to rub out face against his chest. At least twice. And then probably shoved their ice cream on our head in an attempt to cool down.

Enjoying this delightful sight? Talk to us in the comments and let us know how Harry Styles in an unbuttoned shirt ruined your life.


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