Jade Thirlwall shows off new blonder hair - Pics

Whether its Ariana Grande wanting to peel off her own actual scalp or Harry Styles bringing back the man bun, we dedicate a *lot* of our time to the hair follicles of popstar-types. It sort of makes us feel better about the fact we can't leave the house without taming our barnet with about 35 cans of dry shampoo. OH LIFE.

Anyway, perhaps our biggest celeb hairspiration is Little Mix lass Jade Thirlwall - and she's just debuted her new, even blonder 'do on that there Twitter. Woopah.

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Jade Thirlwall shows off new blonder hair - Jade Thirlwall images - sugarscape.com

Image: Twitter

Jade chucked a pic of her new look on the interweb - and we're LOVING the whole reverse dip-dye kinda thang she's got going on. We're not sure 'reverse dip-dye' is actually the proper technical term, but as you can probably tell from the pic it's a gorge little blonde-to-Ed-Sheeran-ginge kinda blend. And it's obviously a 10/10 on the Selena Scale for volume - it's bloody Jade Thirlwall after all.

Gah - is there any colour this girl can't rock? Blue, purple, brunette...we wouldn't be surprised if she went green for the Salute tour and still managed to look frickin' incredible

Little Mix - Little Mix images - sugarscape.com

Image: Twitter

What d'ya make of Jade's new barnet, then? Comments please, you lot.

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