The Janoskians launch their 'Dirty Pig' clothing line with tees, beanies, sweatshirts and snapbacks - PICS

If you’ve always dreamed of turning yourself into a female version of Beau, Luke, Jai, Daniel and James, just without all the being sick on yourself and causing chaos in public, you are in LUCK. Although your bank balance might not be feeling so excited by the news.

The Janoskians have officially launched their very own clothing line called Dirty Pig, and we don’t know about you but nothing screams ‘Young girls will want to wear this' more than THAT name and the matching graphic of a winking pig. Now shut up and take our money.

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To be honest, we'll wear anything that they tell us to. Hubba hubba.

The fashion label has been created and designed from start to finish by the lads, with Jai even producing the actual logo artwork (and making us fancy him 300% more thanks to showing off his arty side).

They’ve teamed up with clothing industry big wigs The Putnam group, who’re also behind streetwear brands like Obey, Billionaire Boys Club, and Young & Reckless. So far, you’ll be able to spend your pennies on stuff like beanies, snapbacks, sweatshirts and tees to give your wardrobe a bit of a Janoskians-style injection.

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Chatting about their new venture, the lads said: “We started Dirty Pig because we have always dreamed of making cool clothing that we would want to wear ourselves. A fashion line is just another thing they said we couldn’t do but we believe you can do anything you want in life.”

Dirty Pig

“Dirty Pig will be more than T-shirts and beanies and we are going to work hard to design all sorts of cool apparel: jeans, cardigans, socks .. you name it”, they added. We can’t WAIT. The more we buy, the more we increase our chances of bagging a Janoskain boyfriend, correct?

If you fancy checking out the Dirty Pig line, head over to, where all the clobber starts at $20 AUD, which is around the ten quid mark. HURRAH.

What do you think of the Janoskians bringing out a clothing line? Liking the designs enough to pick anything up for yourself?

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