Lady Gaga is potentially wearing an actual mop on her head in Paris - Trend or tragic?

Lady Gaga and ‘fashion’ usually have more disastrous results than us and maths homework when you stick them together, but it’s stil pretty interesting to check out what she’s been wearing recently and betting a few biscuits on whether it’ll be her weirdest look of all time.

She definitely didn’t disappoint earlier this week when she stepped out in Paris wearing an outfit that might be completely crackers, but is definitely pretty useful when it comes to doing the Sunday chores. Nothing like a bit of multi-tasking.

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Lady Gaga

It would seem that Mother Monster has decided to embrace her inner domestic goddess and become some kind of space age Cinderella, by sticking an ACTUAL mop on her head and pretending that it’s hair. Alright, it’s not really a mop, but it is a whole load of silver braids that look a bit like something our mum would keep under the sink.

Infact, we might reccommend it to her so that she can save some time on her spring cleaning sesh.

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As you can probably imagine, the hair wasn’t the only crazy part of Gaga’s look, as she was dressed head to toe in a beaded black and white checkerboard jumpsuit with cuffed sleeves, which we’re guessing she must have borrowed from her local Alice In Wonderland theatre group.

And seeing as Gagz probably wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of ballet pumps or comfy trainers, she added some TOWERING black platform heels to complete her very demure and understated style.

Lady Gaga

To match her monochrome look, Lady G opted for super pale skin, and added spidery false lashes and a glamorous glossy red lip for a pop of vampy colour. Oh, and then she stuck loads of sparkly stuff all over her face too because WHY NOT.

So, you lot need to let us know what you think of Gaga's crazy mop head. Reckon she pulls it off, or is it all just a bit loopy? Comments in the box, please.


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