Hair how to: Rock plaited headbands in just four easy steps

We don't know about you, but there are so many hairstyles we see that we have absolutely and positively no idea how to do ourselves. But even if you're half as cack-handed as we are, there's no need to worry as help is on hand in the form of new book The Hairstyle Directory and guess what? It's actually a whole lot easier than you could ever imagine.

From Heidi braids to French twists, there's tons of styles to choose from but if you fancy trying something new, why not give these braided headbands a go with an easy peasy step by step guide from the book's author and beauty blogger Christina Butcher.

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Braided headband hair style plaits - step by step how to get the look - Images -

What you will need:

Hair clip
Two small clear hair bands
Bobby pins

Step 1: Start by brushing all your hair to remove any knots. Clip your hair back and take a 2.5cm section of hair from behind your left ear. Plait this section and secure the end with a small clear band. Pull at the sides of this section of the plait to loosen it and stretch it out. If you start pulling the plait just above the hair band and work back up, you can really enhance the shape of the plait and make your hair look thicker.

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Step 2: Repeart on your right side, plaiting a 2.5cm section of the hair behind your right ear. Remember to stretch your plait out.

Step 3: Pull one of the plaits over your head and into a headband position and pin in place on top of your head.

Step 4: Cross the other plait over and pin in place. Tuck the ends of both plaits under each other and pin them down to hide them away. Then pin the plaits together for extra hold.

Braided headband hair style plaits - step by step how to get the look - Images -

So there you have it - an easy peasy guide to a DIY plaited headband. What do you make of the look and will you be giving it a go?

Don't forget to tweet us a snap to @Sugarscape if you do try it out!

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