Kendall Jenner spills the goss on her first Fashion Weeks: 'Proving myself as a model is important to me'

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Our diary is mostly filled with sentences like ‘Day 458: I am not yet married to a One Direction member’ and ‘Today the most exciting thing I did was find an extra large crisp in my packet’, but luckily, Kendall Jenner has a much more juicy offering for us to read.

She’s written an up close and personal diary for LOVE to dish all the goss on her first ever Fashion Week experiences across London, New York and Paris, and if you weren’t already wishing you could have her life for a few days, you deffo will be after reading this.

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Kendall Jenner

Kendall spilled to LOVE mag that “The whole experience of my first fashion month has been nothing less than a dream come true”, and kicked things off by remembering her first booking over in NYC for Marc Jacobs. Not a bad start.

“I remember feeling super nervous watching some girls being asked to try on a dress and not others...My agency called after saying that I should come back to 'talk'. They tried to make it seem like something was wrong, but quickly confessed that I had been confirmed for a Marc Jacobs exclusive.”

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She also spilled the beans on those slightly dodgy bleached eyebrows that she was rocking for the catwalk, revealing that “luckily they dyed back easily”. PHEW.

Kendall Jenner

After Noo Yahk, Kendall packed up her designer luggage and headed over to London for a schmooze on the FRow and to walk the runway for Giles. She confessed that it “felt like another big step for me, having people take me more seriously as a model.”

But before she could even soak in the awesomeness of the UK, she was flying over to the fashion capital, Paris for another huge job. Crikey, everyone keeping up here?

“I wasn't allowed to walk any other shows before Givenchy happened, and it was my first time in the city... so we got to do all of the great sight-seeing and run around to all of the famous landmarks...”, she revealed.

Kendall Jenner

And the rather sparkly cherry on top of a few pretty awesome weeks was Kendall’s amazing appearance for the ultimate fashion big cheeses, Chanel: “Walking for Chanel has always been one of my biggest dreams, so it's something I will never forget.”

“Proving myself in the high fashion world is really important to me and something that I'm willing to work hard at accomplishing.”

Kendall Jenner

Anyone else feeling like they probably didn’t do enough productive stuff over the last few weeks? Strewth, we barely left the sofa, let alone travelling across continents and strutting for high end designers. Sigh.

Hands up if you’re officially jealous of Kendall Jenner? Reckon she’s the next big thing in the modelling world, or is it just ‘cause she’s a Kardashian gal? Comments below please, fashionistas.


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