Week's worst dressed: Kim Kardashian vs. Perez Hilton vs. Lady Gaga

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D'ya know what? We always feel a bit weird doing these 'worst dressed' things. Why? 'Cause usually, when we're yapping on about some Kardashian catastrophe or another we're actually sat here in a beans on toast-stained vest top and the same jeans we've been wearing for a week. Awks.

AH WELL - they're celebs. They should know better. And this week we've got three repeat offenders in the fashwaaan faux pas field for ya; Perez Hilton, Kim Kardashian and - of course - Lady Gaga. Let's have a look at 'em, shall we?

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian - Kim Kardashian images - sugarscape.com

Oh, would you look who it is again? Earlier this week, Kimmy K stepped out in New York rocking (and we use that term *very* loosely) some Bridget Jones pants. And it's no wonder she doesn't look too happy, is it? She had a fight with Kris Jenner's net curtains as she left the bloody house. NIGHTMARE. We just...we can't even.

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Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton - Perez Hilton images - sugarscape.com

This is Perez Hilton dressed as Madonna. Presented without comment. Other than...er...nice shin pads. Very skater boy chic.

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Lady Gaga

You'd think that, after seeing Lady Gaga waltzing about with the contents of a Toby Carvery hotplate as actual real life clothing, nothing would surprise us. But *obviously* she decided to hit the streets of NYC doing 'internal organ chic.' Is that a thing? Of course it's frickin' not, but Gags has never really been one to go for a hoodie and jeans has she? Gurl you crayyyy cray.

So there you have it, then. Who d'ya reckon deserves to be crowned this week's worst dressed? Comments, puhlease.

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