Kendall Jenner rocks an 'I have no t*ts' hoodie at Coachella festival - Love or loathe?

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Kendall Jenner’s been making statement after statement with her fashion choices over at Coachella in California this week. First she went all babealicious and boho, then she worked Professor Snape chic, THEN she wore that nose ring the size of a digestive biscuit...

But her latest fashion statement is definitely the boldest of all, as yesterday she stepped out in an oversized grey hoodie which proudly said ‘I have no tits’. And NO, we won't be joining in on all the jokes that have said it's a misprint of 'brains'. MEANIES.

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Kendall Jenner

Doing it for all the ladies with athetlic bods, mosquito bite boobs, and generally super slim and dreamy figures, Kendall made her way through the festival grounds late at night rocking the amazing sweatershirt, which she paired with a pair of denim cut offs.

She went super casual with the look as she headed home, teaming it with low top white Converse, a couple of statement rings, a pulled down headscarf and a splash of colour with bright turquoise nail polish.

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So she might not have any tits, but she does have a very nice sense of style so it’s ALL GRAVY. Wow, haven’t said that for a few years.

Our mum would definitely throttle us if we stepped out in that one, but Kris Jenner was probably the one who bought it for her.

What do you think of Kendall’s jumper? Would you wear it, or is it totally not your cuppa? Pop a vote in the snazzy poll below, and leave us a comment too please, lovely face.

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