Is Rumer Willis actually wearing the worst skirt of all time? Vote here.

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You know how your gran always tells you to make sure you're wearing clean knickers, just in case you get run over by a bus? Well she should probably add that it's also a good idea to wear them if you're planning on the type of vagina flashing skirt that Bruce Willis's daughter Rumer chose for ELLE's 5th Annual Women in Music party in LA this week.


Rumer Willis in worst skirt of al time at Elle Contemporar Women in music party - Images -

The outfit started well. Rumer chose a cute black crop top, put on some lovely strappy shoes and a big old pair of gold earrings. But then, in order to make things a little more edgy, she picked out a skirt that can only be described as showing off the majority of her thigh and just a hint of fanny.

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Seriously, there's cut-out and then there's gaping holes, leaving us to draw the conclusion that her skirt may have got trapped in the car door as it drove off into the sunset and she was left to style it out.

Rumer Willis in worst skirt of al time at Elle Contemporar Women in music party - Images -

To be fair, with that lovely strawberry hair and bodacious smokey make up, Rumer pulled off a pretty good pose on the red carpet. But forget side-eye, there's enough side-vag going on here for at least three Miley Cyrus music videos.

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The question is, do you think it's the worst skirt of all time or are you sort of liking the look? Have a vote below:


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