The good news is that this month, Ariana Grande is on the cover of Billboard magazine to celebrate being pretty much the queen of the music scene at the moment. The bad news is that she’s wearing the most bonkers headwear of all time, and we don’t really understand it.

We’re guessing it’s all part of her transformation from super sweet girl next door into super sassy fashionista, but let’s all keep our fingers and toes crossed that giant polkadot helmets aren’t landing in Topshop any time soon.

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Ariana Grande

So yeah. Anyone got any ideas? Answers on a postcard please.

There’s no question that Grande Latte is looking fierce on her cover, rocking a classic black and white polkadot 60s dress with sultry cat eyes and bold pink lippie, but we’re just not too sure why she’s then stuck a stylish fishbowl over her head.

Along with her hat of joy, Ariana’s also spilling a few secrets inside the mag, and revealed that she was a bit of a weirdo when she was younger: “I always wanted to have face paint on or be wearing a Freddy Krueger mask, and I would carry a hockey stick around.”

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“For my fifth birthday party we had a Jaws theme and all my friends left crying”, she admitted. Best Ariana story ever.

Ariana Grande

Hmmm. This would actually be a very useful trend for a) bad hair days, b) anyone particularly clumsy, c) those afternoons when you really can’t be arsed to talk to anyone. Maybe we do want helmets to become a thing.

Really not too sure how she still looks good while crawling around with that on her bonse, but we might give her a clap for being so talented.

While the polkadot-themed pics might be a bit odd, the rest of the inside ones for her Billboard shoot are as fabulous as always, as Ariana’s ditched the dodgy astronaut hat to show off her signature high ponytail instead.

Ariana Grande

Much better babes.

What do you reckon to Ariana’s Billboard shoot? Reckon she’s rocking the giant ball hat thingy? Verdicts below please, guys and gals.

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