Splurge or Steal: Beauty treats!

We all go a bit nuts when we see a flash of sun and try to buy the whole of Boots. But you don't need to chuck out your winter make-up, just a few bright new cosmetics.  Whether you want to splurge on some luxury products, or go for a cheaper alternative, you deserve a half-term treat!

We adore this creamy lipstick from Diane Brill's Lip Lingerie collection, as it's inspired by a box of old-fashioned tights - how glamorous!

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Diane Brill lipstick in Db Pink, £15, HQ Hair

Pop lipsticks look gorgeous in your make-up bag and come in a range of lip-smackingly hot  colours. Go for shimmering nude with this delicious toffee shade.

Pop lipstick in Dewy Toffee, £7.75, Asos

Make-up books are great for when you have a flash of inspiration on the go.  With this Urban Decay shadow box, you can go for natural, disco shimmer or colour block - whatever you fancy.

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Urban Decay De Luxe Shadow Box, £20, HQ Hair

This Manga-inspired make-up book has everything you need for a girly, everyday look. The colours are very wearable and they come in an adorable organiser.

Eyeko Manga Make-up Book, £5.86, Superdrug

Be a little bit naughty with this extreme black mascara. It volumises and fattens lashes, ready for that party look.

Benefit BADgal Lash mascara, £14.50, HQ Hair

Get super-thick lashes with this amplifying mascara. You don't always need to spend a fortune on mascara, as top beauty experts reckon that cheaper ones do the job just as well.

XXL Lash mascara, £4.89, Wet n Wild Cosmetics

Will you be splashing out on your Spring beauty product or saving the pennies with these designer copycats?

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