Celebrate St Patrick's Day in style with Barry M!

We love the colour green here at Sugarscape, but it's not exactly wearable. And ordinarily we'd tell you green make up is a total no-no. But today is St Patrick's Day and all the rules have been thrown out the window in favour of having fun instead.

Whether your celebrating today or on Saturday (St Patrick's Day celebrations often take place the week after the big day), it's time to get out some glitzy green make up and join in the festivities.

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Now where on earth do you buy green make up we hear you ask? Barry M of course! Is there a colour under the sun this iconic brand doesn't 'do'? We doubt it...

Get your hands on Barry M's hero product 'dazzle dust' in Parrot Green, £4.50, and make your eyes pop for St Patrick.

Then use some glitter liquid eyeliner in Emerald Green, £4.95, to inject some extra glamour into your eyes. Or if your feeling creative use it to paint a shimmering shamrock onto your cheek. Nice.

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Now we'd never advocate green lipstick under any circumstances, but Barry M's Touch of Magic Lip Paint, £4.25, is a really clever little lipstick that actually turns pink once applied to the lips. And its the natural alkali level in your lips that will determine how pale or rich the shade of pink becomes. How about that for a science lesson?

Finish off your look with a slick of nail varnish in Mint Green, £2.95. Great for a St Patrick's Day party, this cool shade is actually a fashionista's favourite thanks to its uncanny resemblance to the infamous Chanel Jade polish. We'll be wearing it all summer long!

Are you celebrating St Patrick's Day, Sugarscapers? Comments please!



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