TREND OR TRAGIC: Sienna Miller's fringe?

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Oh Sienna Miller, you may be a bit annoying sometimes but we don’t care because we love your hair and everyone knows it was really you that started the whole boho thing and not Kate Moss.

So today we’re a little bit excited at this new fringe that Ms. Miller is sporting, we love it. We’d get one too but fringes make us look about five years old, so instead we’ll admire Sienna’s.

What do you think - reckon she looks great or prefer some of her other hairstyles? To help you make an informed decision we’ve dug up some pics from the past.

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Lovely boho-y centre parting and waves that we want to steal.

Sexy, classy up 'do, ver' nice Sienna, ver' nice.

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Braving the chop for Factory Girl, a hair risk we reckon paid off!

Grogeous old Hollywood style waves, with a few extra highlights thrown into the mix.

So Scapers, you've seen all that Sienna Miller's hair has to offer, how do you think the fringe fares? Comments please...


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