WE LOVE: new Twilight Nox nail polishes!

With the release of Eclipse comes some new Twilight beauty for you Sugarscapers, and this time it is the new Nox nail polishes. You might be expecting blood red and jet black shades in such a range, but you'd be very much mistaken, as this new collection features a bunch of bright, colourful and exciting colours as well.

As well as a beautiful colour range, each bottle of Nox nail polish is embossed with the Volturi crest on the front. The nail varnishes glide on with ease and precision, and are formulated to stay looking gorgeous with added chip resistance so that no matter what, your nails will be stunning!

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Each of these nail polishes cost £7.50 from Simple Beauty and come in the following shades:

* Chiffon - baby pink
* Debutante - peachy pink iridescent
* Wine and Dine - glittery plum gold
* Crush - neon pink
* Citrus - neon orange
* Red Velvet - classic cherry red
* Sangria - deep scarlet
* Black Tie - black
* Talon - navy
* Sugar Plum - iridescent purple
* Poseidon - neon blue
* Disco Darling - glittery silver

Have you tried out any of the Twilight make-up yet? Will you be buying these nail polishes?

Comments, please...

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