TREND OR TRAGIC: X Factor jewellery?

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Here at Sugarscape we make no secret of how much we love the X Factor. Every Saturday we settle down in front of the TV in our Team Cheryl t-shirts ready to scream, shout and let the contestants (and our neighbours) hear our opinions whether they want them or not. It really is a big deal in our house.

So when we heard New Look are launching a new range of X Factor jewellery we figured we'd better snap some up to accessorise our Saturday night X Factor outfits. But are they a trend or will we just end up looking a little bit silly? Take a look and let us know what you think...

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'X' necklace, £5, New Look.


'100% yes' necklace, £3.50, New Look.


'Team Cheryl' necklace, £3.50, New Look.

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'I love X Factor' necklace, £3.50, New Look.


'Love X' keyring, £3, New Look.

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Microphone necklace, £5, New Look.

X Factor bows, £3, New Look.

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X Factor bracelet, £3.50, New Look.

X Factor hairband, £4, New Look.

So what do you think, Sugarscapers? Is the X Factor accessories range a trend or tragic? Will you be wearing any of it to your X Factor finale party this year?

Comments please!

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