BEAUTY BATTLE: Katie Price blonde or brunette?

Katie Price, among the many things she's been up to lately, has given us all a blast from the past and dyed her hair back blonde again.

After nearly two years with dark brown tresses, Katie popped over to LA to have new extensions put in and her locks dyed back to the platinum blonde that first made her famous as model Jordan.

“It’s far softer on my face," Katie apparently told a mate, "and, let’s be honest, blondes do have more fun. I’ve always found that over the years. I had been dark for a good couple of years so it was time for a change."

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Hmm, we think a few brunettes might argue with that Katie!

What do you think? Do blondes really have more fun? Does Katie's new 'do suit her, or did you prefer the darker tresses? Comments please!

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