Katy Perry fronts new Adidas campaign!

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Adidas have packed a whole load of celebs and sporting stars into their brand new 'All Adidas' ad campaign, including David Beckham, B.O.B and pop princess Katy Perry!

Yeah, we're surprised too. Normally when we think of Katy Perry, it's an array of shimmering, glittery, fruit-clad outfits, which may or may not have built-in LED lights that comes to mind before sportswear. But hey, she must workout a lot to stay in such awesome shape so we're just going to roll with it!

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Modelling bits of kit (including a sparkling blue tee!) created by Katy's BFF and Adidas designer Jeremy Scott, K-Pez gets all serious-face in the ad, while dancing with a troop and rehearsing her routines.

Despite her new serious Adidas face though, she's still the same cute and crazy Katy, as revealed in this funny behind-the-scenes interview...


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So what do you think of Katy Perry as an Adidas ambassador eh? Frankly, we're loving it!

We're also loving the seriously cool new Adidas 'All In' ad crammed with (quite literally!) ALL the brand's newest and coolest amabassadors...don't blink or you'll miss them!

Wowzer eh? What do you reckon? Comments please!

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